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    NCCU Go Beyond Borders: International College Takes Off in a Year

    The fourth forum of the Consensus Conference on School Development discussed plans concerning building international visibility of NCCU. According to Prof. Chun-i Chen(陳純一), the international college will be founded in August 2018 and contribute to NCCU’s globalization. This is to provide professors from different nations a bilingual academic environment and encourage them to stay in Taiwan, said Present Edward Chow(周行一).

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    Pauian V.S. NCCU Varsity Drew Crowds to Cheer for the Game

    NCCU Men’s Basketball Division 1 Varsity “雄鷹" combated the Pauian Archiland Basketball Team, Male and Female Basketball team on May 19 during the Sports Day. Audience were also invited to participate in the three on three bullfights.

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    ​Marching Bands Gave Tremendous Performance at NCCU Sports Day despite Rainy and Overcast Weather

    NCCU Sports Day of the 90th anniversary took place on May 19. Despite the rainy weather, enthusiasm of all faculties, students and alumni wasn’t dampened. President Chow (周行一) stated that, “It is the effort made by faculties and students that makes NCCU 90th anniversary important and meaningful.” Marching bands of Taipei Municipal Jingmei Girls' High School (JMGSH) and the Republic of China Navy (ROCN) were invited to play at the inauguration ceremony, kicking off the Sports Day with their tremendous performances.

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    NCCU Elected Seven Distinguished Alumni

    In 2017, NCCU elected seven distinguished alumni, listed as Li Jin-cyuan(李金銓), Wu Fong-shan(吳豐山), Su Ci(蘇起), Shan De-sing(單德興), Li Siao-yuan(李小媛), Jiang Fong-nian(姜豐年) and Yu Ji-long(于紀隆) (arranged in order by the graduated year).

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    ICRT DJ Joseph Lin Stunned by NCCU Students in Radio Liner Competition

    The “ICRT DJ in Campus” event took place in NCCU on May 17 as the World Festival also kicked off. Crowds of students flooded to the booth to see ICRT DJ Joseph Lin interview President Edward Chow (周行一) as well as to participate in the radio liner competition.

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    NCCU Freshmen Welcome Week: Over 1,600 freshmen getting ready to start a new chapter

    In the session of “Familiarizing NCCU,” several offices provided new students with abundant information about the school. Campus security, career development, gender equality, exhibition informations, library resources and the school history were all on the guide list. In terms of the “Club Nights,” 17 clubs gave brilliant performances to show the vitality of NCCU. The video filler completely caught freshmens’ eyes, raising their anticipation on Club Exhibition.

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    Flowing Water Nourishing The World: NCCU Innovates With Interdisciplinary Sense

    The 2017 Handover Ceremony of Supervisors of NCCU and the Consensus Conference on School Development were held on August 1. President Edward Chow (周行一) not only emphasized the future directions of teachers, education and resources, but shared the course refinement, multi-learning and interdisciplinary program with chief officers. While Vice-President Chen Shu-heng (陳樹衡) proposed the concept of “The university is flat”, calling on the importance of interdisciplinary learning and expecting NCCU to be like the water nourishing Taiwan as the leadership of the ideas, inspiration of society and the global reach.

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    School Informs Everyone to Stay Alert as Typhoon Nesat Approaches

    In response to the approach of Typhoon Nesat, the NCCU Campus Security called an emergent meeting in the afternoon of July 27 to manage the operation of disaster precaution.

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    Alumni Recalled “Cracking the Si Wei Hall Gate” upon visit to NCCU on 90th anniversary

    Under the guidance of Pilot (引水人), NCCU ’s student receptionist group, nearly a thousand alumni returned to the school and had campus tour to recall their precious memories during college years.

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    NCCU Globalization On Air: President Chow Broadcasting NCCU 90th Birthday on ICRT

    President Edward Chow (周行一) was interviewed on May 11 by ICRT DJ Paul Meador, introducing National Chengchi University (NCCU) to the audience as well as promoting coming up international events, including the visit of Nobel Laureate Robert J Shiller, Cloud Gate outdoor performance and the 2017 World Festival. The Festival, taking place from May 17 to 19, will have ICRT live broadcasting on campus inviting faculty members and students to gain on-air experiences on the first day.