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    Pre-reopening Game and Scoreboard Debut at NCCU Gymnasium

    NCCU Physical Education Office held the "Pre-Re-opening Game of the NCCU Gymnasium" on January 21, inviting Nanshan High School basketball team to challenge with NCCU Griffins and to test the international Bodet Sports scoreboard that is uniquely set among all universities in Taiwan.

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    Gymnasium partly opened: All students and faculty are kindly welcomed

    From September 11 2017, the NCCU Gymnasium will be partly open to the faculty, functioning as a multifunctional sport center with venues for basketball, volleyball, and badminton. Wang Ching-chung (王清欉), Dean of Physical Education Office, stated that most of the renovation is at the final stage of work. At the end of the semester, all the sport equipment will be ready. According to the schedule, the gymnasium is going to be fully open next semester.

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    NCCU Griffins Basketball is now Recruiting New Players

    The draft selection of NCCU Men’s Division I Varsity, also known as the NCCU Griffins (政大雄鷹), has been kicked off. All students interested in playing basketball, whether domestically or internationally, are welcomed to enroll in the selection, which is set to take place within three weeks after the autumn semester begins. The varsity will compete in the next season’s UBA Division II tournament from this December, competing for the championship.

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    NCCU Sports Day: Game Results & Highlights

    Faculties and students joined series of events on May 19 NCCU Sports Day enthusiastically. Following the tug of war in the morning, fun races and track and field games took place in the afternoon. Retired personnel also participated in the activities and had a wonderful experience.

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    NCCU Sports New Era: Men’s Division I Basketball Varsity Officially Formed

    NCCU Men’s Division I basketball varsity”雄鷹” was formed officially on May 12th. “Griffins”, the mascot of the team also made its debut simultaneously. President Chow stated that, “It is such an exciting moment and a dream-come-true not only for NCCU but also myself.” Chow indicated that 2017 is the new era for NCCU in regards of sports development, “we expect ‘雄鷹’ to promote the sports culture in Taiwan.” Being the first university for the Pu-yuan college tour, NCCU’ s basketball team “雄鷹” will also challenge the Pu-yuan Basketball team in the 3 on 3 bullfighting on May 19, when the Pu-yuan basketball festival take place.

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    Vote Results:Mascot for NCCU New Basketball Varsity Named After “雄鷹”

    The vote result for naming the mascot of NCCU Men’s Division I basketball varsity comes out today. “雄鷹”, meaning the eagle, wins over 54% of the votes and therefore becomes the Chinese name of the Griffins.

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    Come Give Chinese Name to the Newborn Mascot via Online Vote!

    An online mascot naming vote for NCCU men’s division 1 basketball varsity starts from now on and is due on March 15th. It is to connect all NCCUers and promote a sense of belonging from students and faculty members, encouraging the school to achieve higher both in academic field and sports field. All students and faculty members are invited to vote.

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    NCCU Forming Division A Basketball Team Coached by SBL Star Player Tzu Wei Chen

    In 2017, NCCU establishes its first sporting gifted program, allowing students to apply through an individual procedure. Sponsored by DADA Supreme (達達全球), the NCCU men’s division A basketball varsity will also be formed in the near future, with former SBL star player Tzu-wei Chen (陳子威) coaching the team. The closing date of the application is on January 17.

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    Runners sweat themselves during Campus Marathon

    More than 1,800 runners participated in the annual Campus Marathon on Dec.4.

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    Freshmen go home with most medals at the NCCU swimming open

    Freshmen took home with most medals from the National Chengchi University (NCCU) swimming open on Oct. 17.