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    Gratitude to the retirees, Farewell Party takes place on January 16

    Farewell party for retired faculty members and staff was held on January 16 by the NCCU Personnel Office. The retirees chatted warmly at the party, shared their retirement plans, and looked forward for the future reunion.

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    2nd Zhongni Prize goes to Chair Prof. Chen Fangming for His Enlightening Society

    After rigorous procedures, the 2nd Zhongni Prize in 2017 was won by Chair Professor Chen Fang-ming (陳芳明) from the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature. By combining reading, writing, research and instruction, Prof Chen not only transmits knowledge, provides for study and dispels confusion during the class, but achieves widespread impact outside the campus and influence contemporary intellectuals. The 2nd Zhongni Prize will be held at the Sun Moon Auditorium, on the 2nd floor of the Art and Culture Center in NCCU on November 30, 2017 at 3:30 pm.. Chair Prof. Chen will give the acceptance speech. Teachers and students are kindly welcome to the ceremony.

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    NCCU Holds Excellence in Teaching and Outstanding Senior Teachers Awards Ceremony to Celebrate Teacher’s Day

    To celebrate Teacher’s Day and express gratitude to teachers, NCCU Personnel Office hold the Awards Ceremony of Excellence in Teaching in 104 academic year and Outstanding Senior Teachers in 106 academic year on September 28. In response to the global trend, President Edward Chow in his opening speech proposed the concepts of “low threshold, high standard,” inviting all the senior teachers to assist students in interdisciplinary learning and strengthening international competitiveness through the change of teaching methods.

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    NCCU 2017 Supervisors Handover Ceremony: Consensus on Talents Cultivating and Passing the Spirits on

    The 2017 Handover Ceremony of Supervisors of NCCU was held on August 1. After President Edward Chow (周行一) gave certificates of appointment to top supervisors, deans of all colleges and professors, he encouraged faculty members to search for outstanding students, excellent teachers, and the best educational resources. Li Ming (李明), former Dean of the College of International Affairs, and Wang Wun-jie (王文杰), newly elected Dean of the College of Law, both made inauguration speeches and emphasized the importance of passing on the experiences.

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    NCCU launching Chinese New Year’s Greeting Event

    To welcome in the first day of work in 2017, the Personnel Office of NCCU launched the Chinese New Year’s Greeting event on February 6. Current staff members, retired faculties and alumni gathered in NCCU to celebrate with each others. With NCCU’s 90th anniversary around the corner, President Edward Chow delivered a speech to show his gratitude towards the faculties’ dedication in their work in 2016, also expecting them to further educate and cultivate more promising students. Subsequently, came with a series of stunning performances and the lucky draw with a variety of gifts.

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    Seetoo Dah-hsian receives the Zhongni Prize

    Seetoo Dah-Hsian(司徒達賢), a professor of Department of Business Administration, received Zhongni Prize at the National Chengchi University (NCCU) on Oct. 3.

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    New college deans and department heads take office

    A total of 14 offices at the National Chengchi University (NCCU) welcomed their new heads while they also saw off their former heads on Aug. 1.

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    Zhongni Prize encourages teaching

    National Chengchi University (NCCU) launched “the Zhongni Prize for Distinguished Teaching” in May for encouraging teachers’ effort on teaching.

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    Wenshan District Cooperates to Organize a Hiking Activity

    Two thousand people participated in the annual hiking activity while they also helped clean up the environment in the mountains in Wenshan District, which was headed NCCU on March 20.

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    New college deans and department heads take office

    Four college deans and 18 department or program chairs of National Chengchi University took office in an inauguration ceremony on July 30.