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    <The 2017 Bao-zhong Tea Festival> 35 departments rolled up their sleeves, draw the Bao-zhong Tea Festival to a perfect end

    The 2017 Bao-zhong Tea Festival was held on Nov. 4., attracting many high school students and their parents to participate despite of the gloomy weather , NCCU students tried their best to introduce the specialities of each department to different high school students flowed in NCCU, demonstrating ing the colorful school life and the vitality of NCCU.

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    President Chow encourages high school students to pursue their dreams in annual Boa-zhong Tea Festival

    The annual Bao-zhong Tea Festival was held on Nov. 4. Seizing the opportunity, National Chengchi University (NCCU) students introduced the campus to senior high school students who might become future NCCU students. Voice of NCCU Radio Station launched an open studio to broadcast live interviews with President Edward Chow(周行一) and Dean of Office of Academic Affairs Yu Nai-ming(于乃明). In the interview, President Chow emphasized NCCU is the only university that is well known for its excellence in the fields of humanities and social sciences among the top ones, and encouraged high school students to pursue their dreams by joining in NCCU.

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    Annual Bao-zhong Tea Festival welcomes potential students

    The annual Bao-zhong Tea Festival was launched on Nov. 5, while National Chengchi University (NCCU) students were busy introducing the campus to senior high school students who might become future NCCU students.

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    Course groups demonstrate what they learned

    Course groups funded by the Center for Teaching and Learning Development at National Chengchi University (NCCU) demonstrated their learning, findings and application of knowledge at the Administrative Building on June 16.

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    Departments to implement Curriculum Restructuring Plan

    Every department of NCCU must adjust their curriculums in compliance with the university’s Curriculum Restructuring Plan (課程精實方案) before the plan is implemented in the 2016 Academic Year after the plan was officially passed in the university affairs council on Nov. 30.

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    Bao-zhong Tea Festival launched as planned despite reduced budget

    Despite reduced budget, the annual Bao-zhong Tea Festival was still launched this year on Nov. 1, with students introducing their departments to senior high school students visiting the campus of the National Chengchi University.

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    The new curriculum plan challenged at the meeting with faculty, students

    Faculty and students of the NCCU gathered at the Administration Building on Sept. 15 to express their concern over the university’s Curriculum Restructuring Plan (課程精實方案), which is scheduled to be implemented at 2016 Academic Year.

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    New policy may cause hiring freeze for adjunct faculty: Chen

    Directors and teaching assistants from different academic departments of NCCU gathered for a forum on July 15 to discuss how the university’s new policy on minimum credits for graduation would affect faculty and students.

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    College of Foreign Languages expresses concerns about new course policy

    NCCU College of Foreign Languages said in a forum on June 10 that language learning might not be effective if a drafted course policy is to be implemented, which aims to enhance the quality of education in the university.

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    No consensus on tuition increase

    Students and administrators failed to reach a consensus about whether increasing the tuition is reasonable in a public hearing held by the Office of Academic Affairs at NCCU on May 27.