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  • 2019 IMBA Information Session is successful completed. Professor Shari Shang, Director of IMBA program (right), along with IMBA Alumni and students Andrea Gonzalez, Michelle Hu, Jose Sosa, Ben Un-Pan Ian and Richard DeVries. Photo: IMBA

    [2019 NCCU IMBA Information Session] IMBA welcomes their new prospective candidates as Alumni and current students shared their insightful experiences

    On Saturday November 3, the International Master in Business Administration (IMBA) program held their annual information session for prospective candidates. The Yuanta Lecture Hall at the College of Commerce was filled with over a hundred potential students in search of information about the program and its features. The session began with a speech from Professor Shari Shang, Director of the IMBA program, as she explained about the many advantages of this master including an academic distinguished faculty, a multicultural environment and the opportunity to study abroad through the dual-degree or exchange programs.

  • The winner of Hult Prize On Campus at NCCU. Photo: Hult Prize On Campus Team.

    Hult Prize on campus: the winner Match Box will Be representing NCCU at the regional round of Hult Prize

    National Chengchi University has been selected one more time to host a local edition of the Hult Prize, the world’s largest student competition for social good where students tackle this year’s challenge “For Us, By Us: Global Youth Unemployment” and go to compete head-to-head for US$ 1 million!

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    NCCU’s 2018 Study Abroad Fair Attracts A Large Audience of Local Students and Stirs Up Curiosity over Student Exchange Opportunities

    NCCU’s annual Study Abroad Fair has just come to an end, having provided four days full of information, experience sharing, and resources for everyone interested in going on an exchange abroad. The fair, organized by the Office of International Cooperation (OIC), took place from October 22 to October 25 and aimed at exciting curiosity and provoking interest in an education overseas. Under the motto of expanding NCCU students’ horizon, Si Wei Hall - which served as the venue of the opening day event - was flooded with inquisitive and enthusiastic students on Monday afternoon. A total of 52 booths of NCCU’s partner universities offered visitors the opportunity to interact and consult with the student representatives of the various schools. In that way, attendees were able to receive first-hand information on topics such as student life, academic aspects, and cultural elements.

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    Insightful Speeches at the Commencement Ceremony 2018

    NCCU Commencement Ceremony was held in the Gymnasium on June 9. Graduates with blessings from family and friends gratefully said their bittersweet farewell and set off for their destination. Professional basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets of NBA Jeremy Shu-How Lin (林書豪) and Chair Professor of the College of Commerce Seetoo Dah-Hsian (司徒達賢) were invited to be guests of honor to deliver the Graduation Speeches. To leave unforgettable memories to this year's graduates, President Edward Chow (周行一) encouraged the graduates to learn and develop the ability to appreciate others; Jeremy Lin said, "to be great, you have to be a little bit crazy;" Dr. Seetoo stated, apart from learning from ourselves, we should also learn from others.

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    Professor Seetoo Dah-Hsien: Learn Wholeheartedly from Yourself and from Others

    The Commencement Ceremony of year 2017-2018 was held on June 9. Dr. Dah-Hsien William Seetoo (司徒達賢), the Strategy Maestro, loved and praised by NCCU students, alumni, and faculty, was invited to give the commencement speech in the afternoon session. Professor Seetoo would soon be retired. He humorously told the graduates that he was deeply honored to graduate with them and encouraged the graduates to wholeheartedly learn from one self and from others.

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    Jeremy Lin’s Graduation Speech at NCCU in 2018

    NCCU Graduates enthusiastically welcomed the NBA basketball star Jeremy Shu-How Lin (林書豪), guest speaker of the 2018 NCCU Commencement Ceremony in the morning session. Jeremy Lin mentioned that he never actually went to a college graduation, even to his own, and the encouragement in a sense was also letters to himself. He brought 7 things to share with NCCU graduates.

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    Gutenberg Prize 2001 Recipient Irma Boom: Just Do What You Think is Right

    When it comes to book-making, there is no one that does it more interestingly than Dutch graphic designer Irma Boom. Invited by NCCU Creative Lab and team of Taiwan Tang Prize on June 4, Irma Boom took the students on a journey of “book building” where the idea of book-making has no limits but endless possibilities.

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    Team ReKove Advances to the Hult Prize Accelerator Program in London

    Converting waste food into biogas to replace electricity sounds like a fantasy, but Team ReKove from NCCU puts this concept into action in this year's Hult Campus and regional competitions. With an outstanding presentation and specific steps to prove that their project actually works, Team ReKove shows the world that there are more possibilities to green energy than what we used to know.

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    Mr. Jeremy Lin and Dr. Seetoo Dah-Hsian are to be guest speakers at NCCU Commencement Ceremony

    NCCU’s Commencement Ceremony of the Academic year 2017-2018 will take place on Saturday, June 9, at the Gymnasium. NCCU invites NBA professional basketball player Jeremy Shu-How Lin (林書豪) and Professor Seetoo Dah-Hsian (司徒達賢) to deliver graduation speeches in the morning session and afternoon session respectively, to share personal experience, encourage graduates to boldly pursue their own dreams, and create their own ways in life. According to the Office of Student Affairs, invitation cards are required to attend the Commencement Ceremony. Each graduate can bring along 3 other guests with one invitation card.

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    NCCU's Taipei MUN Conference Connects Local and International Students with One Another and with the World

    NCCU's annual Taipei Model United Nations Conference (TMUN) was being held for the 13th time during the weekend of May 18 to 20. Given its long tradition and high quality, the event hosted by NCCU's Youth Association of International Conferences (YAIC) is regarded as one of the most prestigious MUN conferences on the island. Three conference rooms in NCCU's Administration Building had thus been filled with university and high school students from all over Taiwan. Most notably, this year TMUN had even received delegations travelling all the way from Singapore to attend the event.