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  • NCCU’s Blueprint for the Next 5 Years

    NCCU’s Blueprint for the Next 5 Years

    NCCU planned the university development blueprint for the next 5 years and proposed feasible strategies to the National higher education project. President Edward Chow (周行一) pointed out that NCCU aims to contribute to education and society by extending the university-wide project through integration of interdisciplinary research and practice, making a breakthrough in international academic platform and acquiring social influence.

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    2nd Zhongni Prize goes to Chair Prof. Chen Fangming for His Enlightening Society

    After rigorous procedures, the 2nd Zhongni Prize in 2017 was won by Chair Professor Chen Fang-ming (陳芳明) from the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature. By combining reading, writing, research and instruction, Prof Chen not only transmits knowledge, provides for study and dispels confusion during the class, but achieves widespread impact outside the campus and influence contemporary intellectuals. The 2nd Zhongni Prize will be held at the Sun Moon Auditorium, on the 2nd floor of the Art and Culture Center in NCCU on November 30, 2017 at 3:30 pm.. Chair Prof. Chen will give the acceptance speech. Teachers and students are kindly welcome to the ceremony.

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    The Outstanding Teacher Award

    Have a closer look on NCCU's Outstanding Teacher Award winners and their educational ideal.

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    Gymnasium partly opened: All students and faculty are kindly welcomed

    From September 11 2017, the NCCU Gymnasium will be partly open to the faculty, functioning as a multifunctional sport center with venues for basketball, volleyball, and badminton. Wang Ching-chung (王清欉), Dean of Physical Education Office, stated that most of the renovation is at the final stage of work. At the end of the semester, all the sport equipment will be ready. According to the schedule, the gymnasium is going to be fully open next semester.

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    NCCU Go Beyond Borders: International College Takes Off in a Year

    The fourth forum of the Consensus Conference on School Development discussed plans concerning building international visibility of NCCU. According to Prof. Chun-i Chen(陳純一), the international college will be founded in August 2018 and contribute to NCCU’s globalization. This is to provide professors from different nations a bilingual academic environment and encourage them to stay in Taiwan, said Present Edward Chow(周行一).

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    Flowing Water Nourishing The World: NCCU Innovates With Interdisciplinary Sense

    The 2017 Handover Ceremony of Supervisors of NCCU and the Consensus Conference on School Development were held on August 1. President Edward Chow (周行一) not only emphasized the future directions of teachers, education and resources, but shared the course refinement, multi-learning and interdisciplinary program with chief officers. While Vice-President Chen Shu-heng (陳樹衡) proposed the concept of “The university is flat”, calling on the importance of interdisciplinary learning and expecting NCCU to be like the water nourishing Taiwan as the leadership of the ideas, inspiration of society and the global reach.

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    NCCU 2017 Supervisors Handover Ceremony: Consensus on Talents Cultivating and Passing the Spirits on

    The 2017 Handover Ceremony of Supervisors of NCCU was held on August 1. After President Edward Chow (周行一) gave certificates of appointment to top supervisors, deans of all colleges and professors, he encouraged faculty members to search for outstanding students, excellent teachers, and the best educational resources. Li Ming (李明), former Dean of the College of International Affairs, and Wang Wun-jie (王文杰), newly elected Dean of the College of Law, both made inauguration speeches and emphasized the importance of passing on the experiences.

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    Seminar panelists believe

    Panelists said during at the Chinese Economic Development and Innovation seminar by National Chengchi University’s (NCCU) Economic Policy Center on Nov. 10 that the new Trump administration will be a great impact for cross-strait relations.

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    Typhoon Warning

    Typhoon MEGI is coming. Before you leave school, please make sure that all the power, windows and doors are turned off or closed. Thanks for your cooperation.

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    Typhoon Warning

    Typhoon Meranti is coming. Before you leave school, please make sure that all the power, windows and doors are turned off or closed. Thanks for your cooperation.