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    ACMC successfully ends, and thanks NCCU for taking home

    The last day marks a temporary ending for the ACMC conference in Taiwan, 2018. Dr. Theodore A. Fernando was first to give his ending remarks on how this event held once every two years contributes to the networking between scholars of different regions, “We come and exchange our researches. We get different knowledge change from interesting keynote speakers, and also we learn about our own mistakes.” Dr. Fernando gave his best wishes for ACMC, and he hoped for more members to join in the future.

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    Communication practitioners shed light on present developments of media in Asia

    ​To start off the second day’s event, secretary of media studies, ACMC, Khairiah Rahman introduced Dr. Alexander Flor, Dean from University of the Philippines. Dr. Flor firstly made acknowledgments to ACMC for holding the event. Then, he talked about his observation on how media coverage was related to stock market movements. To follow, Dr. Flor gave five instances of theoretical constructs of development communication (C4D). ”Have we ever considered the possibility that development is led by communication?” As an advocator of C4D, he encouraged the idea for researchers of communication to look into the “phonetics of life”. These studies contain methods that break down information in daily life, in order to understand the underlying contexts.

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    ACMC and NCCU collaborate to spark discussions on new media issues.

    The Asian Congress for Media and Communication (ACMC) took place at National Chengchi University (NCCU) on Saturday, October 27th. It began with an introduction video of NCCU. The video included all different schools of the university and research centers, research programs, international exchange programs and so forth. After the video presentation, there was the flags entrance ceremony, as guests stood up in honor of the school anthem and the flags. After the opening ceremony, President Edward Chou gave a brief speech to welcome all participants from 22 countries, Dr. Chou also wished everyone a great stay during their three days in Taipei.

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    Representatives of Taiwan’s Higher Education on a Journey to Enhance Dialog and Forming Partnerships in France and Belgium

    Despite the current semester break, NCCU’s President Prof. Dr. Edward Chow’s schedule remained quite busy with the Taiwan-France Higher Education Forum in Reims and the 2018 Taiwan-Belgium Roundtable in Brussels having taken place on July 9 and July 12, respectively. Both events mark a milestone for international cooperation between Taiwan’s higher education and their European counterparts in terms of scale and scope. With over 30 representatives of different Taiwanese universities attending the two occasions, the events have significantly contributed to increase the visibility of Taiwan’s higher education abroad and have generated new channels for interesting dialogs among all present parties. While NCCU’s delegation has utilized this unique opportunity by reaching out to existing and potential new partners and through active engagement in debates on innovations in higher education, cooperation strategies and internationalization at home.

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    NCCU collaborates with Taipei City Hospital through FinTech

    NCCU held an agreement signing ceremony with the Taipei City Hospital on March 29, expecting to build a better geriatrics and long-term care society in cooperation with the financial technology.

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    NCCU forms an Industry-Academia Alliance with NYMU, focusing on AI industry, FinTech, and long-term care service system

    NCCU established an international industry-academia alliance with the National Yang-Ming University (NYMU) on March 21 to create an interdisciplinary platform for the GloRIA (Global Research & Industry Alliance) Project launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) in 2017, focusing on AI industry, financial technology (FinTech), and long-term care service system.

  • 2017 Hult Prize@NCCU

    REKOVE will be representing NCCU at the regional round of Hult Prize

    Hult Prize is a student competition, open to undergraduate,graduate, and PhD students from around the world. The aim of Hult Prize is to build and launch social enterprises that can radically change the world and tackle grave issues faced by billions of people every day as well as breed the next generation of social entrepreneurs. The best ones will go to the Hult Prize Final in the United Nations in New York and win 1 million dollars.

  • IMBA students took photo together with confident smile and made Taiwan MBA education seen by the world through the Fair
  • Speakers of the IMBA information session took a picture together

    Study abroad in Taiwan to experience globalization! IMBA hold information session to invite elites from all over the world

    International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) program held information session in National Chengchi University’s Yuan-Da Lecture Hall, on the 6th floor of the College of Commerce on November 4. Professor Shari Shang, associate of Director of the IMBA program, introduced the features of the program. IMBA also invited many alumnus and current students to share their experiences in both school and career. The information session attracted many people to join.

  • All of the ongoing difficult questions around the globe belong to the domain of humanities, and NCCU is the university to provide possible answers just like water nourishing the land, emphasized by President Edward Chow.

    Three Tactics to Realize Globalization: NCCU Will Set Up International College Opening 400+ English-Taught Classes.

    NCCU has been contriving to realize globalization. In order to actualize the goal, the school adopts three tactics: to transform into cross-border education, to set up ETP (English-Taught Program) and ETDP (English-Taught Degree Program) in all colleges, and to establish interdisciplinary colleges and International College.