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    NCCU Sports New Era: Men’s Division I Basketball Varsity Officially Formed

    NCCU Men’s Division I basketball varsity”雄鷹” was formed officially on May 12th. “Griffins”, the mascot of the team also made its debut simultaneously. President Chow stated that, “It is such an exciting moment and a dream-come-true not only for NCCU but also myself.” Chow indicated that 2017 is the new era for NCCU in regards of sports development, “we expect ‘雄鷹’ to promote the sports culture in Taiwan.” Being the first university for the Pu-yuan college tour, NCCU’ s basketball team “雄鷹” will also challenge the Pu-yuan Basketball team in the 3 on 3 bullfighting on May 19, when the Pu-yuan basketball festival take place.

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    Former Italian Prime Minister's first stop in Taiwan

    Mario Monti, a renowned economist and former Prime Minister of Italy, currently the President of Bocconi University in Milan, arrived in Taiwan on March 8th afternoon.

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    NCCU Faculties and Students Moved by School’s Documentary Premeire

    The NCCU 90 anniversary documentary《九十政大‧萬里圖南》was released jointly with the NCCU 90th Anniversary Issue and the 2017 Distinguished Alumni Special Issue on May 10th. The ceremony was held at 10 a.m. at the grand hall of NCCU Art & Culture Center and 4:00 p.m. at Si Wei hall, with guests, professors, alumni and students participating. Except for President Edward Chow (周行一) , the former-President Zhang, Jing-Yu (張京育), the Alumnus Zhang, Shin-Zong (張世宗), vice-President of Ambassador Theatre, director of the documentary, Prof. Wang, Yae-Wei (王亞維), faculties and students gathered and participated in the ceremony. All participants had a memorial group photo taken before the release, leaving NCCU 90 anniversary an unforgettable, remarkable chapter.

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    Challenge the chief reading hunter qualification , open the seal totem to guard wisdom secret treasure

    While we are on the 90th anniversary of the National Chengchi University, Chiang Kai-shek library is also coinciding with the 40th anniversary celebration, in addition to the forty unlimited special exhibition, library take place "nccu 90‧reading hunter” activities which are divided into two stages. After completing the first stages in 7 buildings around the main campus, then go through the advanced stages in 5 buildings on the mountain campus.

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    “Dreaming Big, NCCU!” Flash Event Coming Soon

    “Dream Big, NCCU”, one of the series celebrating events will take place at noon from February 24th to March 6th, on th

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    Come Give Chinese Name to the Newborn Mascot via Online Vote!

    An online mascot naming vote for NCCU men’s division 1 basketball varsity starts from now on and is due on March 15th. It is to connect all NCCUers and promote a sense of belonging from students and faculty members, encouraging the school to achieve higher both in academic field and sports field. All students and faculty members are invited to vote.

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    "Dreaming Big, NCCU!" Expressing your wishes!

    The “Dreaming Big, NCCU!” event will be held from February 24 to March 6, echoing the NCCU 90th anniversary. Content related to the event will be kept in a column in the special anniversary issue, “九十政大‧萬里圖南”, which will be published in May. All faculties and students are kindly invited to participate in and enriching the content of publication, leaving an unforgettable page for the NCCU 90th anniversary.

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    NCCU Launching School Tree Vote “The School Tree? Decided by you!” Voting campaign starts from now on!

    “What kind of tree best represents the spirit of NCCU?” Would it be the lofty grand “Camphor trees”, the upstanding graceful “Liquidambar trees”, the fragrant “Osmanthus trees”, or the aromatic “Murraya paniculata”? This is for you to decide!

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    2016 International Conference on innovation studies: a human-centered event

    National Chengchi University (NCCU) education professor Chan Chih-yu (詹志禹) said on Nov. 12 that human-related issues were the highlights of the 2016 International Conference on Innovation Studies, which was organized by the Center for Creativity and Innovation Studies at Research and Innovation-Incubation Center (RIIC) between Nov. 12 and Nov. 13.

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    Seetoo Dah-hsian receives the Zhongni Prize

    Seetoo Dah-Hsian(司徒達賢), a professor of Department of Business Administration, received Zhongni Prize at the National Chengchi University (NCCU) on Oct. 3.