It had been a hundred year since Poland has founded their country. Department of Diplomacy and Polish office in Taipei are going to hold series of lectures and activities together during a week. This opportunity will make teachers and students understand more about Poland in different sides through this chance. Poland locates between western and eastern Europe, having high proportion of Catholic. It had experienced many challenges, going through the difficulties and hardships. Once it was a great power in Europe and once was collapsed by wars. From a socialism country to a democratic society. We can know the history and culture from books, however have we really know about how Poland looks like today?  
It is glad to invite the representative of Polish office in Taipei (Polish ambassador in Taiwan) to share about Polish Foreign Policy After1918. To see how Poland changed after being independent. We believe that we can get further insight in those activities. There is a splendid Polish classical music performance that let us enjoy in the beautiful rhythm. We can use the skills that learn from literature translations on marketing and diplomacy practice. Let’s get involve in the fantasy Poland and experience the wonderful culture. 

Title: Poland after 1918: internal situation and foreign policy 
Speaker: Maciej Gaca, Director General of the Polish Office in Taipei 
Date: NOV.5 MON. 14:30-16:00 
Location: International Conference Hall, 5F, General Building 

Title: The Role of the Catholic Church in Poland after 1918
Speaker: Father Wojciech Rybka 
Date: NOV.6 TUE. 13:30-15:00 
Location: Room 810,  8F, General Building North Wing

Title: 《波蘭舞曲的邀請─古典樂的饗宴》 (conducted in Chinese)
Speaker: Pianist Zoe Hwang 
Date: NOV.7 WED. 10:20-12:00 
Location: Yun-Xiu Hall (2F, Feng You Buiding) 

Title: 《文學是什麼,能吃嗎?──那些文學翻譯教我的行銷術和文化外交技巧》  (conducted in Chinese)
Speaker: Translator of the Polish Literature-林蔚昀 
Date: NOV.8 THU. 14:00-15:30 
Location: Room 218, 2F, Dao Fan Building 

Title: 《跟著蜜拉士愷遊波蘭,一生必訪的奇幻國度》 (conducted in Chinese)
Speaker: 蜜拉(Emilia Borza-Yeh) and 士愷 
Date: NOV.9 FRI. 15:00-16:00 
Location: Room 103, 1F, General Building North Wing 

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